Commercial Air Conditioning

Light Commercial Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning

Ultra Refrigeration & Air Conditioning offers a range of brands and models to suit your small business premises and budget.

Our experienced team have comprehensive knowledge of our catalogue, including the biggest, best and most cost-effective brands available today. Talk to us today and we’ll discuss all the aspects that may impact your decision. Things to consider include:

  • The room to be serviced. Are there big windows, draughty gaps or constantly opening doors?
  • The type of indoor unit. High wall mounted, floor standing or ceiling cassette? Or maybe a hidden ducted unit with multiple outlets?
  • The location of the indoor unit. How will air flow around the room? Will stock or labels get blown around? Could the positioning be too intense for customers or staff?
  • Power and efficiency. How big an area do you need to heat / cool? Do you expect to run it all day, every day? How much are you willing to spend initially to save on power usage in the long run?
  • Functions and features. Would you like the unit to automatically switch off when people aren’t in the room? Do you need an ultra-quiet unit? Or a WiFi-controlled system?
  • Air quality. Do you need increased filtering capacity for dusty environments?
  • Aesthetic and size. There are many different shapes, sizes and designs to choose from.

Large-Capacity Commercial Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning

Packaged Units

We offer specifically-designed Packaged Rooftop Units for commercial applications. Packaged Units are all-in-one systems that incorporate filtration, heating and cooling, all exterior to the building. The effect is that your ceiling will show only ducting – with no noisy air conditioning appliances inside. There are multiple advantages to purchasing Packaged Units for your commercial climate control needs. They are high-performance, rugged and simple to design for. Many designers prefer the ducting-only nature of rooms serviced by Packaged Units – they allow an ‘industrial’ aesthetic without the noise and untidiness of large-scale indoor air conditioning units. Building managers prefer them for their serviceability, scalability and discrete costing.

VRF Systems

Large-scale buildings with sizable capital budgets can make great savings by employing Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology. These state-of-the-art, high-power systems offer commercial reliability and unparalleled efficiency at any scale, as well as granting far greater system design flexibility.

The key is that while most heat pumps operate intermittently at their core (either on or off at varying intervals), VRF units can continuously vary the amount of heat transfer between indoor and outdoor units. This results in superior energy savings and improved performance.

The Daikin VRV IV series of units is a prime example of this new tech, with options for Heat Recovery (using warmer rooms to heat cooler rooms), and water-sourced heat (for integration with water cooling towers or facility boilers).

Hear From Our Valued Customers

G&B Artisan Ltd
G&B Artisan Ltd
January 17, 2024
Great place to get any refrigeration repairs. Honest and prompt service. Came to have a look and fixed my chiller same day even though it was a holidays week.
Kerri Graham
Kerri Graham
January 11, 2024
Daniel is fantastic to work with, very responsive and professional. He did an amazing job at our site and kept in constant communication with us throughout the process. It was wonderful to work with someone trustworthy when we don't live in the same town. We have also switched our quarterly maintenance to Ultra Refrigeration, commercial building with multiple units. Daniel and his team are super and we are thrilled with the change.
iva Man
iva Man
January 7, 2024
You guys have done awesome job for me, from Hull Road Lunch Bar. Thank you Brother.
December 21, 2023
Great service and communication, will definitely use again
Peter Archer
Peter Archer
December 19, 2023
Service man was polite, seemed to do all the right checks for our ducted system and was happy to answer questions.
Georgia Brill
Georgia Brill
December 16, 2023
Daniel and his team where excellent to deal with, prompt, tidy, competitive with costs and fantastic communication, Installed 3 units, 2 replacements, 1 new install, one happy customer thank you guys,
Darshan Nijjar
Darshan Nijjar
December 15, 2023
We at Four Square Welcome Bay have been in touch with Daniel and his team for two years. In these two years they have consistently provided the best outcomes for us. Daniel and team are absolutely brilliant in responding to their customers. They are quick and efficient in carrying out installations and other jobs. Highly recommend Ultra Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Limited.
Tim Mansell
Tim Mansell
December 2, 2023
Dan and his team have shown how to be professional in their areas of trade time and time again. Highly recommended 110%.
Todd Magnum
Todd Magnum
November 26, 2023
Great experience with Daniel. Fantastic communication! Was on time and the job was done throughly. The invoice was sent with lots of pictures of the whole process which I thought was fantastic. Thank you again will definitely use again in the future. Donna 😉

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