Daikin Air Purifiers

Model 55


Model: MC55UVM6
Capacity: up to 82 sqm

Applicable Rooom Size (m² – 30/60mins):


Model 40


Model: MC40UVM6
Capacity: up to 62 sqm

Applicable Rooom Size (m² – 30/60mins):


Model 30


Model: MC30VVM-H
Capacity: up to 46 sqm

Applicable Rooom Size (m² – 30/60mins):


Airflow Rate1.1 m3/min.2.0 m3/min.3.2 m3/min.5.5 m3/min.
Power Consumption8W10W15W37W
Sound Pressure Level19dB29dB39dB53dB
Airflow Rate1.1 m3/min.1.8 m3/min.2.8 m3/min.4.0 m3/min.
Power Consumption7W9W13W23W
Sound Pressure Level19dB27dB36dB49dB
Airflow Rate1.1 m3/min.1.5 m3/min.2.0 m3/min.3.0 m3/min.
Power Consumption5.5W6W11W16W
Sound Pressure Level19dB29dB33dB44dB


Did you know there are pollutants and allergens in the air around us? Pollen, dust, mould, and chemicals such as formaldehyde all affect the air quality in your home, as well as office spaces, classrooms and even doctor’s practices.

You may think New Zealand’s air is clean, but we have some of the world’s worst allergy rates, with about 35% of adults suffering from allergies. Daikin Air Purifiers help you achieve a comfortable, healthy living environment. Sensitive Choice-approved, they are a good choice for allergy and asthma suffers.

Daikin is one of the most trusted air conditioning manufacturers in the world, and an innovator in the market. The company sells a range of high-quality air purifiers, which are an affordable way to purify the air in your environment.

Whether it is for your home or for commercial use, Ultra Refrigeration & Air Conditioning stocks an air purifier to meet your needs. Order your air purifier online and have it delivered to your door within New Zealand. Or if you are in Tauranga Area, you can pick it up for free.


Dust mites, mould, smoke particles and dander can contribute to air pollution in your home. Even the paint, glues and other chemicals used in your home can be harmful to health.

That is where the Daikin air purifier comes in. It filters and breaks down common pollutants found in your home.


Daikin’s signature Steamer technology not only filters allergens from the air you breathe, but it also eliminates them. Some air purifiers work by filtering allergens and particles, but there is a chance of them escaping.

That is why Daikin developed the high-performance Steamer technology. It generates high-speed electrons to decompose harmful substances, deodorising and purifying the air. You can breathe easy with a Daikin air purifier by your side.

Daikin’s oxidative decomposition speed is more than 1000 times faster than that of conventional air purifiers.

The streamer technology emits high-speed electrons.

The electrons combine with nitrogen and oxygen to form elements that can decompose molecules.

These elements break down unwanted allergens and particles.

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