Ducted Heat Pumps

Domestic Ducted Units

Ducted Heat Pumps provide discreet, air-conditioned comfort. One can be installed in a new home or tailored to suit an existing one, and once installed, only the controller, the return air and discharge grilles are visible inside your home. Ducted systems are perfect if you want most of the house the same temperature.

Ducted Heat Pumps start at $7899 including GST and installation in Tauranga.


A major aesthetic advantage to ducted units is the lack of a visible appliance indoors. We can install a ducted unit into your ceiling cavity or under your floor (space permitting), and the only sign of air conditioning in each room is an unobtrusive grill.


Generally speaking, it’s far cheaper to heat or cool a single room than it is to heat a whole house.

The ability to turn off certain areas of your house allows far more efficient heating or cooling, delivering conditioned air to the rooms that you choose at the time. This could mean heating the living room but not the bedrooms on a winter’s day, or cooling only the bedrooms before bedtime in the peak of summer. This kind of routing flexibility can help you get the most from your ducted heat pump unit.

Our Ducted Brands

Daikin and Panasonic both offer cost-effective, quality ducted systems. Talk to Ultra Refrigeration & Air Conditioning today to discuss your home, budget and climate control needs. We’ll give you a range of options from these top brands and more.

daikin controller standard

Daikin Standard Controller

panasonic controller

Panasonic Controller

daikin zone controller

Daikin Zone Controller - (Control on / off different rooms)

modoka controller

Modoka Controller

daikn airhub


Daikin Air Hub

Grille Options

The Standard Grille

grille standard

Round ceiling diffusers suitable for ceiling mounted heating, cooling or ventilation applications.
Standard finish is off white. The surface has an etched face, which lowers light reflections and ensures an unobtrusive finish.

The Eco A Grille

standard grille

The ECO-A Diffusers shall be high induction radial air pattern circular ceiling diffusers with perforated plaque fascia. Each ECO-A diffusers shall incorporate a temperature sensing device which detects the conditioned air temperature to position the aperture for heating or cooling automatically.

Diffusers shall be constructed in tough UV stabilized engineering polymer. Visible surfaces shall have a textured white finish. Diffusers shall be fitted with accessories and dampers where indicated as manufactured by Holyoake.

Linear Grille

linear grill

Linear grilles cover walls, ceiling, and floor regions. Linear grilles are designed for air diffuser & air supply systems. As with other types of grilles, linear grilles are available in various sizes, colors, materials, and finishes.

Heat Pumps & Ducting Systems FAQ

The units themselves don’t need a lot of space – mostly it’s about access. There are indoor unit options including 700 mm, 360 mm, and 245 mm height.

If you have no ceiling space at all, Daikin also provides ultra-slimline bulkhead units. These have indoor unit heights of 200 mm.

Unlike some air conditioning companies in NZ, Ultra Refrigeration & Air Conditioning only send trade qualified refrigeration & air conditioning technicians & licensed refrigeration handlers to install your new heat pump. That way we can effectively manage any installation or refrigerant charging risks, from the get-go.

They sure can. A heat pump can pump heat both ways – into your building or out of your building. You can choose from units that cool better, or heat better, or are balanced between heating and cooling.

Balanced systems are usually best for homes in the Bay of Plenty, but talk to us and we’ll walk you through the decision-making process.

Some modern heat pump models have the ability to use existing R22 piping, making replacement much easier. The benefits of an up-to-date aircon system include more powerful heating / cooling, better efficiency, WiFi functionality, and quieter operation.

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