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Houses in New Zealand have been known to generate as much as eight litres of moisture daily from various activities like cooking, cleaning and washing. Such high levels of moisture contribute to dampness, condensation and potentially hazardous mould growth, in turn raising serious health concerns.

Daily routines such as cooking contribute significantly to the moisture content in the air, producing an estimated 3 litres of steam per day. Other moisture-inducing activities include doing laundry, taking showers, and washing dishes, all displaying more of an impact than we think.

However, the best way to tackle this issue is by having an effective SmartVent ventilation system installed in your home.

How Smart Vents Work

So, how can a SmartVent system help you combat this?

SmartVent’s ventilation system continually purges stale air and cycles in fresh, dry air. This fresh air can either come from the outdoors or the warmer, drier area of your roof. Proper ventilation is essential as it improves indoor air quality, and reduces energy consumption by controlling the air volume and air exchange rate, in turn preventing structural damage to your home and reducing the risk of health problems related to indoor air pollution.

Our SmartVent systems are recognised for their top-tier technology in the industry each providing a 5-year warranty. Our SmartVent system has three prime home ventilation systems – SmartVent Positive Pressure, SmartVent Evolve and Synergy Energy Recovery. Each ventilation system has its benefits, however, you can get professional advice from our expert team to figure out the best fit for your home!

Moisture-related problems can lead to significant health concerns, and addressing them with a SmartVent ventilation system is the most effective solution.

Contact our expert team today for more information and professional advice. 

Packages start from $2,399.00, long term finance available with 36 months interest free.

Daikin Heat Recovery Systems

Recovers heat and moisture within your home, while achieving free cooling from fresh outdoor air. Available in seperate units or as a system.

Smart Vent Systems

Smart heating recovery unit that offers a counter flow plate heat exchanger. Esp up to 600 Pa. For more information get in touch today.

Bathroom Extractor Fans

Dedicated high end extractor fans implemented in your bathroom to control airflow, moisture control & air quality. Transform your bathroom today with premium quality extractors.

Kitchen Rangehoods

Our quality rangehood range offers a reliable, user friendly product to control the airflow, ventilation and aromas from within your kitchen. Get in touch for more information.

Mitsubishi Lossay Systems

Mitsubishi Electric’s Lossnay Ventilation enhances indoor air quality by recovering heat from outgoing air, ensuring a healthier, warmer home with maximum energy efficiency.

Brands We Work With

mitsubishi electric logo
mitsubishi lossnay

Model: VL100-W Lossnay

Wall Mounted

Energy Recovery Ventilating System

mitsubishi electric logo
lossnay cassette

Model: VL100-D Lossnay Cassette

Ceiling Mounted

Energy Recovery Ventilating System

smart vent logo
smart vent systems

Model: Smart Vent Systems

Centralised System

Positive Pressure Ventilating System

Daikin logo main
diakon heat recovery system

Model: Heat Recovery VRV

Floor Mounted

Heat Recovery Ventilating System

Lite Commercial Ventilation Systems

Fresh, clean air is crucial in any building. Whether in an office, a retail shop or a fabrication workshop, your staff, clients, customers and associates will suffer from stale, dusty air. Conversely, fresh air and a slight breeze can make a huge positive difference for the people in your workplace.

The air people breathe has an understated effect on their experience. Make sure your building is meeting the expectations of the people that use it.

Tailored Solutions

As Qualified Air Conditioning Engineers, we can specify, design and install a commercial ventilation system that meets the needs of your people and your premise. We can accommodate any sized room, floating ceilings or no head space, high-flow extraction or ultra-quiet ventilation, heating and cooling power, and humidifying or dehumidifying considerations.

Talk to Ultra Refrigeration & Air Conditioning today about your commercial building.


The Building Act 2004 imposes responsibilities for building owners and managers regarding Mechanical Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Make sure you’re covered with Building Warrant of Fitness compliance by Ultra Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.

Create a Healthier Environment

Interested in ventilation for your home or workplace? Get in touch with one of our friendly team today.

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G&B Artisan Ltd
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Kerri Graham
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Darshan Nijjar
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Todd Magnum
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