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Single Room Heat Pumps

Single Room systems are relatively cheap, but they offer climate control that’s limited to only a part of your home. They can be perfect for lounges or living rooms, studio apartments, granny flats or individual bedrooms, but won’t be enough to keep an entire three-bedroom house warm (or cool). If there is only one room to heat or cool, and the rest of the house is otherwise warm and well insulated, then a Single Room system could be a great addition to your home.

Just by using a heat pump instead of an electric heater you could be saving 70% on your heating power expenses. Over the long term, it could easily ‘pay for itself’ simply by being far more efficient than conventional electric heaters.

Ultra Refrigeration & Air Conditioning has an extensive catalogue of quiet, energy-efficient solutions for a range of budgets.

Domestic Heat Pumps start from as little as $1799 including GST and back-to-back installation in Tauranga.

multi room system

Multi Room Heat Pumps

Multi Room systems are also known as Multi-Split systems, and involve 1 large outdoor unit and 2 or more indoor units. Doing it this way has the major advantage of a reduced number of parts to the system, meaning it can be cheaper than installing 2 or more separate Single Room systems. A single outdoor unit is also much tidier than 2 or 3 outdoor units scattered around the house.

Each indoor unit in a Multi Room system behaves like a separate heat pump. That means individually-controlled climate for each indoor unit.

floor mounted heat pump

Floor Standing Units

Floor Standing units are compact and offer some advantages over high-mounted units. They can be installed anywhere there is wall space, including in nooks, hallways, and old built-in fireplaces. A Floor Standing unit delivers the same high-efficiency heating or cooling, quiet operation, filtration, humidity control and intelligent operation as a high-mounted unit.
Each indoor unit in a Multi Room system behaves like a separate heat pump. That means individually-controlled climate for each indoor unit.

Cassette Unit

Daikin’s Compact Cassette is an innovative and high-efficiency heating solution designed for residential, commercial, and retail settings. Equipped with advanced technology and unique design, it provides outstanding comfort and fits perfectly within standard architectural ceiling panels.

As the first cassette to be completely flush with the ceiling, it maintains an unobtrusive presence while delivering remarkable performance. In addition to year-round efficiency, it promotes air quality by effectively removing dust particles and proving to be exceptionally quiet, providing enhanced user comfort.

Bulkhead Unit

The Bulkhead System is the perfect air conditioning solution for spaces that require discreet installation. Our units are cleverly designed to blend seamlessly into your ceiling, with only the suction air and discharge grilles visible.

This preserves maximum floor and wall space, allowing complete freedom for furniture placement, decoration and other fittings. Furthermore, it’s ultra-compact, providing optimum performance in a 450mm deep package, making it perfect even for wardrobe installations. The range also offers flexible return air options, with either rear or bottom suction return for greater installation versatility.

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Pre-Pipe Your Unit

Are you building a new home or renovating in Tauranga or the BOP? Ultra Refrigeration & Air Conditioning recommend pre-piping your new heat pump or ducted system.

Besides being the most cost-effective method to install your new system, this approach gives you far more location options for both the indoor and outdoor units. Another strong advantage is that the pipes can be hidden inside walls without major effort.

Relocate Your Existing Unit

Wish you could move your heat pump?

Ultra Refrigeration & Air Conditioning can relocate your existing unit for you by simply pumping the refrigerant into its outdoor unit, isolating the power, then relocating the indoor or outdoor unit to your desired location.

Why Get a Heat Pump?

If you are currently using an electric panel heater, radiant heater or fan heater, you’re directly turning electricity into heat. These kinds of electric heaters may each feel different standing in front of them, but for changing the actual temperature of the room, the walls, and the furniture, they’re all equally wasteful.

Heat pumps effectively multiply the amount of heat you get for your electricity. Modern, high-quality heat pumps can reach factors of 4 in many circumstances, meaning you can get 4 times as much heat from a heat pump as from an electric heater for the same electricity cost.

There are other important advantages to heat pumps too: they can remove humidity from the air, combating mould and condensation; they filter the air to remove dust and airborne contaminants; and in the summer months they can provide cool air.

As heat waves become more common and summer temperatures increase here in Tauranga and across the sunny Bay of Plenty, having the ability to cool your home will be crucial to sleeping easy.

Heat Pumps & Ducting Systems FAQ

Unlike some air conditioning companies in NZ, Ultra Refrigeration & Air Conditioning only send trade qualified refrigeration & air conditioning technicians & licensed refrigeration handlers to install your new heat pump. That way we can effectively manage any installation or refrigerant charging risks, from the get-go.

They sure can. A heat pump can pump heat both ways – into your building or out of your building. You can choose from units that cool better, or heat better, or are balanced between heating and cooling.

Balanced systems are usually best for homes in the Bay of Plenty, but talk to us and we’ll walk you through the decision-making process.

The units themselves don’t need a lot of space – mostly it’s about access. There are indoor unit options including 700 mm, 360 mm, and 245 mm height.

If you have no ceiling space at all, Daikin also provides ultra-slimline bulkhead units. These have indoor unit heights of 200 mm.

Some modern heat pump models have the ability to use existing R22 piping, making replacement much easier. The benefits of an up-to-date aircon system include more powerful heating / cooling, better efficiency, WiFi functionality, and quieter operation.

Hear From Our Valued Customers

Bryan R
Bryan R
May 30, 2024
Fantastic experience, fast, professional and great to deal with and a quality product. Had the heat pump for a while and no issues. Don't bother searching for anyone else - just use these guys!
james johnson
james johnson
May 22, 2024
Excellent service. Professional installation stuff. Thanks.
Sharon Johns
Sharon Johns
May 16, 2024
Using Daniel and his team for a second time and this company is awesome to deal with . Daniel and his team are super friendly take time to explain everything about which pump is best for your rooms. We have had 3 installed this time around only took 1 day and each room was left perfectly clean. These pumps are amazing once set just walk away . We would highly recommend Daniel and his team there workmanship is of the highest standard..
Marijke Zwaagman
Marijke Zwaagman
May 2, 2024
We engaged Ultra to install a ducted heating and cooling air conditioning system in our house. After a thorough process of talking to 3 providers to determine the best fit & value, we landed on Ultra. I am so thankful they are the company we chose, their team were excellent, always kept us informed on what was happening and when, they were respectful of the property and nothing was too much trouble when it came to problem solving to deliver an excellent, whisper quiet result with a quality product that performs perfectly. Having done a fair amount of renovation, the quality of service Daniel and his team provides certainly shone out from the rest. It was so reassuring to have Daniel the owner pop in and check on the team and ensure everything was being delivered to his high standard. i wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
Bianca Labesius
Bianca Labesius
April 29, 2024
Great service, very happy in general!
Glen Mossong
Glen Mossong
April 11, 2024
When we were having condensation problems at our accommodation they came to help. The Ultra team installed ventilation units in all our rooms which made a big improvement. It was always service with a smile from the lovely team at Ultra.
Marie Girardier
Marie Girardier
April 10, 2024
I usually never leave a review but Daniel is just too good..! My place was not supposed to be able to have ventilation installed. But Daniel didn't give up and formed a crew of builder/plaster/painter and made it happen! We are talking fake walls and stuff, not basic quick installation! My place looks so awesome, and it's like everything was always there! Absolutely love it. I would totally recommend Daniel - if you want good quality, good communication, easy going, down to earth and honesty, and good prices - don't look anywhere else and get in touch with Daniel, you won't regret it ;)
Steve Herbison
Steve Herbison
April 7, 2024
Polite professional tradesman who did an excellent job and charged rasonably.

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